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St Edward's Catholic Academy

St Edward's Catholic Academy

St. Bernadette


Feast day: April 16
Patron of illness, poverty, shepherds, shepherdesses, and Lourdes, France
Birth: January 7, 1844
Death: April 16, 1879
Beatified By: 1925
Canonized By: by Pope Pius XI on December 1933



Who was St. Bernadette?

Saint Marie-Bernarde Soubirous (January 7, 1844-April 16, 1879) was a miller’s daughter born in Lourdes, France. Bernadette is best known for her visions of a small young lady who asked for a chapel to be built at a cave-grotto in France where the apparitions of Mary occurred between February 11 – July 16, 1858.


What is St. Bernadette the Patron Saint of?

St. Bernadette is the patron saint of the poor, those ridiculed for their faith, the sick, and shepherds.


When is the Feast Day for St. Bernadette?

The Feast Day for St. Bernadette is 16th April.

Prayer by St. Bernadette in Times of Affliction

O my God, I beg You, by Your loneliness, not that You may spare me affliction, but that You may not abandon me in it. When I encounter affliction, teach me to see You in it as my sole Comforter. Let affliction strengthen my faith, fortify my hope, and purify my love. Grant me the grace to see Your Hand in my affliction, and to desire no other comforter but You. Amen.

 The children of Saint Bernadette gathered together for Saint Class Worship.