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St Edward's Catholic Academy

St Edward's Catholic Academy

St Benedict

St Benedict was a great man. He was dissatisfied with how people in the 6th century worshipped God, so he chose to set up a new way of praising the Lord and doing his work. At St Edward's we use St Benedict's approach in our Collective Worship, we embrace his method of pondering the gospel and exploring the meaning in our own hearts.

St Benedict's Feast Day is celebrated on 11th July.

St Benedict set up his own order in the church called the Order of Saint Benedict. These people usually lead a life in an abbey. They follow the rule of Benedict of Nursia. He made some rules, called the Rule of St Benedict, the rules can be summed up by pax (peace) and ora et labora (pray and work).

Our Worship

When we gather together as a Saint group we love to sing hymns to God and explore how we can encounter God in our own lives. We are all disciples of Jesus and look for the messages in the scripture we read.