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St Edward's Catholic Academy

St Edward's Catholic Academy

REading 13-05-2020

This week our whole school focus is on REading. In REading we explore scripture and listen to 'The God Who Speaks'.

The act of worship is in two parts. Enjoy these with your child and reflect on the Gospel story.

The month of May is important in the Catholic faith, it is a time when we try to bring Mary into our homes and lives as much as possible. When you have taken part in the worship we would like you to have a go at one of these activities:

- Make a set of rosary beads. These could be as simple as stones arranged in the shape of a rosary or a painting of a set of rosary beads.
-Create artwork depicting Mary to be put in a special place in your house. Putting up pictures of Mary is a traditional way that Catholics welcome her into their hearts in May.
-Write a prayer to Mary. In the uncertain times we live in we may need help and support. Ask Mary for help and guidance in a prayer or ask her to care for your loved ones and all those who are finding life difficult.
-Act out the Gospel story.

Post your work onto your portfolio for your teachers to see. I hope you enjoy this act of worship and I wish to thank all the staff and children who helped me to make this possible.

Mr Ward

Below are some resources to help you with activities you may try - Mrs Hadley