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St Edward's Catholic Academy

St Edward's Catholic Academy

18-06-2020 Love the Lord your God.

Building Bridges:

Read the passage Love the Lord your God below, taken from Mark 12 30-31 think about the following questions, have a discussion with another person in your home...

  • What does “examine your conscience” mean? When is it good to think about it? What will it lead us to do?
  • Which is easier – to love God or to love your neighbour. Is there a difference?
  • Why do you think love of God and our neighbour is so important?
  • What would be another commandment?
  • How would you define sin?

Describe the ways in which God’s law of love can be broken – thinking, saying or doing anything that spoils or breaks friendship with God or with other people. It is also choosing not to do something which again results in breaking friendship with God and other people

Activity: Write a short story/account to illustrate one of these occasions and  how a bridge might be rebuilt.