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St Edward's Catholic Academy

St Edward's Catholic Academy


Read the story of The Lost Sheep below, 

  • What did the story of The Lost Sheep mean to you?
  • Did it surprise you that the shepherd would go to find the one lost sheep?
  • What did you think the 99 others did?
  • When are the times you might see yourself as the lost sheep?
  • What does this story tell you about God?

Now watch the Power Point to help you with the activity, when you've done upload an image of your newspaper report (Template below)

Activity: Write a newspaper report: imagine you live at the time this story is set, and that these sheep are very special. Write a newspaper report on the events that took place leading up to, during and after the sheep went missing. What did the Shepherd say about it? Did the local officials set about finding the sheep? What was the reaction when the sheep was found at last?