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St Edward's Catholic Academy

St Edward's Catholic Academy

Year Six Homework

Year Six will now be starting to use their SATS revision books as a weekly set of homework tasks after February half term.

These will not be very long and should be revision of things that have been covered in class (some of which will have been done in previous year groups)

Please keep your eye on Class Dojo for updates on which tasks are set for the week.

The following websites are really useful tools to assist in helping your child with their own learning and revision at home: - The same provider that we've used for the revision books, we have found their material to be excellent and straight forward to use. - This site has some excellent online tools that you can download as extra practice. - All of the children are signed up to this website - it's a fun, interactive game that uses maths challenges to progress through it - highly recommended by Mrs Hadley!