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St Edward's Catholic Academy

St Edward's Catholic Academy

Year 3

We would like to welcome you to our amazing Year 3 class. We want to share all the wonderful and exciting new things we have been learning about in our class with you this year!

Class Worship

The children having been planning and leading their own Class Worship. They love reading the daily Gospel and choosing the prayers and hymns that go alongside it. 


The United Kingdom

During the Autumn term Year 3 learnt all about the United Kingdom. We learnt about; the geography of the UK, the history of the Union Flag, the way of life of the British people and British values, the Royal Family and sang the National Anthem. 

Our amazing art work - we have made the flags of the countries which make up the United Kingdom and the Union Flag. 


Outdoor learning in our English lessons

We love learning outdoors, especially using our front garden. We have been using the garden for so many different lessons. 

Partitioning in our Maths lessons

We've been using the Base 10 apparatus to help us partition hundreds, tens and ones in different ways.

Ancient Rome

During the spring term, we are learning all about Ancient Rome. During an English lesson we had a visit from a very scary Boudica. Check out the gallery for more photos from Boudica's visit by clicking on the Ancient Rome tab on the right hand side at the top  of the page.