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St Edward's Catholic Academy

St Edward's Catholic Academy


Mrs Jones and Mrs Hobson welcome you to Reception,  we do lots of fun things in our class. Here are just a few of them.

Literacy and Phonics

We really enjoy reading and writing. We are starting to learn lots of different letters and sounds.  We are having a go at spotting them in the environment and even trying to write some of them.

Reading with friends
Digging for letters













Mark making
Copying the marks in the sand














Here are some good websites with games to help with early reading and sound recognition.



During Mathematical sessions, we learn how to read, write and order numbers,  as well as learn different concepts such as weighing, measuring, time, money and capacity.

Fishing for numbers
Measuring ingredients to make playdoh














Click on the link below to see Ten Town and the different activities we do in school.

Indoor or Outdoor

Whatever the weather we love exploring and using what we have learnt inside and outside.

Working together to build a bridge
Children built their own obstacle course














For other pictures of the exciting things we have been doing, please look out for our photo albums at the top of the page.