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St Edward's Catholic Academy

St Edward's Catholic Academy


Please find a link below to the presentation from our Parent Workshop. It has lots of useful information about phonics, how we teach the children and all of the terminology that we use in school. 

Useful links

How to pronounce the sounds correctly.

worksheets for-

consonant and vowel recognition, initial consonant sounds, beginning and end blends, consonant diagraphs, silent letters, long vowel sounds, Phase 3 and 5 sounds.

A good selection of resources including worksheets and some interactive games. Covers-

Phase 3 and 5 sounds, Phase 6 work such as prefixes and suffixes, plurals and tense worksheets. Extensive list of long vowel worksheets and games such as hangman.

A mix of very good interactive games and worksheets covering most phonic phases. Recommend Sandcastle quiz for phase 3 and 5.

Interactive games focussing on phonics and sentence construction. Each is split into medium/hard/really hard and are short and fun.

A great selection of games that link well with games in Letters and Sounds.

A range of interactive games for all phonic phases. Mostly simple games.

A Super website with lots of engaging games to help with letter recognition and early reading.